Friday, November 15, 2013

New Coin might be Added to New Island Currency

        There is talk on Government Hill that a new ten-roger coin will be minted soon to supplement the one-roger. This new issue, possibly in silver, will be about the size of an American silver dollar, and will be the highest denomination issued. The design will honor nature's beauty, nature's energy from the ocean, and the joy of being in nature, as in surfing. The reverse will feature New Island's coat of arms. Again this is only a rumor and no plans have yet been announced by the New Island mint.
        Currency traders have set the value of one roger at about  $22.50 in US dollars. IF this coin becomes fact, the ten-roger will likely be set at $225.         
       The one-roger, below, has been in circulation since 2003, and is New Island's first coin.
The indigenous blue pelican is New Island's national bird.

"Joy" and "We are One" are the national mottos.
One-rogers can be purchased for $22.50 each. Contact Lee Mothes at if you are interested in owning a 2003 brass one-roger.