Friday, August 19, 2016

Everyone Should Have Their Own Private Beach House

...or Mountain Retreat!

A cottage of your own with a patio and plenty of private beachfront is easily attainable...

...or maybe you would like a place right over the waves! 
Any kind of house (or farm or retreat) is possible 
along the hundreds of miles of New Island's shoreline.

Of course not everyone has $1 million to spend on such a place, not to mention the cost of taxes, upkeep, insurance, utilities and all the rest to maintain the place. So...

New Island is a place that allows you to build your own dream home, beach house or retreat. You may claim a building site on the island and create your own place there. You will get a deed and a custom-drawn plat map for your site, plus a painting of your second home, farm, shop, studio or other retreat. Your site is unique, and YOU choose where to locate it on the island

Here's how this works:

1. Explore the island. To get started, go to New Island! This website has a ton of information about the island and some of the things that go on here. The Citizen Package has everything you'll need to help you further explore New Island, and to decide where you want to claim a site of your own. Follow the link below to receive the New Island Guidebook, maps, boat and train tickets, a New Island coin, postage stamps, and a green card to prove you are a New Island citizen!

The Citizen Package ($55) contains all the materials you need to start 
exploring and enjoying New Island.

2. Become an Owner, then claim your site. Once you become an Owner, I will help you locate the right building site for you by answering any questions you might have. You can then let me know what size painting(s) you prefer.

3. Build your Dream Home. From the location you have chosen, I can then help you create your Dream Home. Once we consult on the type of house or other place you might want to create, I will then make a sketch of the look of the place based on your desires. When you approve of the sketch, I'll proceed with your painting. 

Your site will be pictured with the dream house or other retreat you might want to build there. We can include an insert of the view from your site or a floor plan in the painting as well.  See the examples below.

4. Receive your design sketch and your finished painting. I will include the original pencil sketch with the watercolor of your dream place. Once your painting is completed and shipped, I will include your project, with your permission, on the Owners' Page on this website. You'll see what others have built on the island as well!

Here are the Packages to get you there:

The Citizen Package includes the New Island Road Map, the Guidebook and other New Island documents and artifacts, as shown above. Use this link to order yours for $55:

The Owner Starter Package includes your deed and a hand-drawn plat map of your site. The Owner Packages include an original watercolor painting of your dream place. They also include free consultation to help you select your site on the island, and to design your dream home.

Package prices vary with the size of the original watercolor painting you choose:

Citizen Package - everything but the deed, plat map and the painting: $55.
Owner Starter Package everything above plus the deed and plat map of your site: $200 
Owner Package with deed, plat map and an 11" by 15" painting - $900. 
($845 if you purchased the Citizen Package, $645 if you purchased the Starter Package.)
Owner package with deed, plat map and a 15" by 21" painting - add $300.
Owner package with deed, plat map and a 21" by 30" painting - add $700.
Extra paintings can be ordered beginning at $500. for a small watercolor.
Inserted images added free of charge on the 21" by 30" painting.

Here are some actual Dream Home projects:

A larger stone house, with veggie garden and cat,
on the eastern coast near the settlement of Sunrise.
(a 15" by 21" watercolor)
Another view of the same house, with the Wicklow Mountains in the background.
(a 15" by 21" watercolor)

A sculptor built his dream residence, studio and gallery further up 
in the Wicklow Mountains, overlooking Otter Bay.
This 21" by 30" watercolor includes the view from his house and its floor plan.
This 8" by 12" concept sketch, in pencil, was included in the package.

Judy and Lyle just completed their dream home on New Island's northwestern coast,
next to the ocean and the Yellow Hills Wandering preserve.
Here is the pencil concept sketch completed before beginning the painting.

Sophia St. Andrew, who actually lives in Tasmania, 
established her own mansion and museum
near the town of Skegness, on Putney Bay. 
(detail of the original 21" by 30" watercolor)

Here are a sample deed and plat map:

Trish de Beaupre claimed a site near New Island's northernmost point, 
and received this Grant Deed.

Ms de Beaupre's chose a site in Section 1, at the northern end of New Island.
Her building site is marked on Plat 2, and described on the deed above.
The plat was drawn up specifically for her, 
since she was the first to claim a site in that area.

All 34 sections are described in the New Island Guidebook.

Contact the artist, Lee Mothes, with any questions, or to claim your New Island building site and create your Dream Home.  

Write to lee at: or call him at 920-858-2636.

Thank you!