Tuesday, December 13, 2016

What would you like to see happen on New Island?

    A back road going somewhere on New Island's eastern coast...

New Island has been sort of my alternative residence since the mid 1990s. I've had a lot of fun writing the island's history, drawing the maps, creating the coins, flag and all the other documentation from paintings of the landscape to the land-claim deeds. 

I've also enjoyed sharing stories here about events on New Island and about some of its residents and visitors, such as Alan Faramond.

Now I've come to a weird place - where should New Island go from here? What should happen to or on New Island that would be REALLY COOL?  

What would you like to see happen there?

--more stories, such as Alan F. goes to Roger's Dreamland?
--a major geologic change, such as volcanic Mt. Hayes erupting?
--a major discovery, such as finding out who the Old People were? and what happened to them?
--a deeper look into the mysteries of New Island's existance, of Roger's Dreamland?  
--more on the spirituality of New Island? The politics? The locals?
--tell me something that you might want to see: ___________________________.


--Does New Island feel, on some level, like a real place to you?

--If you somehow "knew" it was real, what would you do there?

I'd really like to hear your thoughts or questions! Use the comment box or send me a note to mothesart@gmail.com.