Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Alan Faramond Wanders New Island

This is a way to take you to New Island.  

                                        -- Lee 

Meet Alan Faramond...

Alan emigrated to New Island some years ago and has found a life for himself there. His posts have appeared sporadically, and there have been long silences, but now Alan has agreed to record his experiences on New Island on a more regular basis. He will be taking journeys around the island and sharing the essence of the landscape, the people, and what goes on here.

Alan also works part-time at the New Island Land Office in Hazel. The Land Office happens to be next door to Lee's art studio and gallery. Here is a sketch:

The blue scooter was left by someone walking the path, at left,
which goes to the Hazelhurst ruins. The town of Hazel is up the road, at right.
Alan lives in the apartment above Lee's gallery.
Next post: We'll see if Alan will tell us where he emigrated from...

Monday, March 24, 2014

New Island Featured in Lee Mothes's Retrospective Art Book, "An Artist's Journey to Nevermore"

Our wandering artist has put out a new art book which tells all about how he discovered New Island.

Lee Mothes tells us about growing up by the ocean, and how he learned to draw waves, explosions, floods and earthquakes, (How do you draw an earthquake?) and then houses, beaches, and coastlines of his own devising. He calls the book An Artist's Journey to Nevermore.

192 pages, 340 pictures, and the story behind it, New Island included! 

The most important chapter in his book, of course, is the New Island chapter. Lee is offering two beach house properties on New Island, as well as maps and other artifacts from New Island In something called a Kickstarter Campaign, that allows artists and innovators to connect with their fans. Cool idea!

In Journey to Nevermore, Lee has shared some pictures of our island that even we haven't seen in a while. He tells us there are many more in his book:

Route P-1, near Boomer Head - one of Lee's first New Island depictions.

Route 6 in the Highlands, near Falk, with local cats

Bellingshausen's Discovery of New Island, 1819-20

Mystery place -- we don't know where this is, 
maybe somewhere north of Putney, since that looks like 
Gottfried Island in the distance.

Deep Bay and the Goodhope Pier

The locals call this Rusty's Beach, near Albion on Putney Bay.

Up near Gay's Asylum in the highlands, the sky sometimes 
opens up with a glorious display of stellar nebulae.

New Islanders can get a hand-signed copy of Journey to Nevermore with their names printed in the book by pledging two rogers ($45. US) to Lee's campaign on Kickstarter.

If you want to get the background story about New Island, and a lot more, check Lee's Journey to Nevermore project here.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Tropical Cyclone Guito sending high surf to New Island's south-western coast.

Tropical Cyclone Guito has been tracked on a southwesterly course from Madagascar into the south Indian Ocean. This morning huge waves from Guito began to hit New Island's southwestern coast, and similar surf is expected slam into the Putney suburb beaches about noon, say West Putney lifeguards.

Cyclones rarely hit New Island, but they sometimes generate high surf, especially on the west-facing coasts. The venerable Russian-built lighthouse at Roaring Cape often catches brutal storm waves far ahead of the actual storms...

Storm waves hit the Roaring Cape lighthouse
 far ahead of Guito, which is thousands of miles to the west.

 Today, 20-foot high waves from Guito also damaged the pier at Irian, about fifty miles up the coast from Roaring Cape. The surf is expected to continue for several days.

Ocean-energy enthusiast Leslie Kraft dances to this morning's waves at Irian.

Of course these waves attracts big-gun surfers from around the island and from Australia, and they should be showing up by tomorrow.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Oasis Discovered in Sheffield Desert

During New Island's brief monsoon season, ponds and oases appear in the dunes of the Sheffield. These are a treat for hikers, especially when encountered accidentally. This pond was found about ten mile northwest of Sand Lakes, or about seven miles north of Buns. See the little green arrow on the map. Of course when hiking in the Sheffield, carry plenty of water.

Friday, November 15, 2013

New Coin might be Added to New Island Currency

        There is talk on Government Hill that a new ten-roger coin will be minted soon to supplement the one-roger. This new issue, possibly in silver, will be about the size of an American silver dollar, and will be the highest denomination issued. The design will honor nature's beauty, nature's energy from the ocean, and the joy of being in nature, as in surfing. The reverse will feature New Island's coat of arms. Again this is only a rumor and no plans have yet been announced by the New Island mint.
        Currency traders have set the value of one roger at about  $22.50 in US dollars. IF this coin becomes fact, the ten-roger will likely be set at $225.         
       The one-roger, below, has been in circulation since 2003, and is New Island's first coin.
The indigenous blue pelican is New Island's national bird.

"Joy" and "We are One" are the national mottos.
One-rogers can be purchased for $22.50 each. Contact Lee Mothes at if you are interested in owning a 2003 brass one-roger.


Sunday, July 28, 2013

Winter Surf Arrives near Putney

While Trish and Emil were enjoying their new place on East Sumbitch Island, up north, a series of winter storms began generating rough surf off New Island's Putney suburbs. Everyone in the neighborhood turned out to watch huge swells roar past Putney Head, as the weather offshore began to change. The Maidstone CafĂ©, Putney's oldest coffee house, is usually busy this time of day, but is nearly cleared out. A local art collector, Oscar Rivvitz, seems unaware of the action.

During New Island's winter months, which are June, July, August (we're in the southern hemisphere, remember...) severe gales lash the South Indian Ocean at the higher latitudes known as the "Roaring 40s" and the "Screaming 50s". Most of this weather-energy reaches New Island in the form of impressive surf, especially along the Southwest Coast. When it's this big at Putney Head, it's really crazy at Brandonhead or Roaring Cape.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Trish de Beaupre Gets her Deed and House!


Once on her land, Trish decided she wanted a spacious house with a big kitchen and a large studio. With Alan's help, she found that the clay on East Sumbitch was suitable for adobe-making, and plenty of pencil-pine and oak trees grew nearby for roof beams and patio framework. The doors and windows came from the Sapphire Tribe, the best window-makers on New Island.

With the help of a carpenter and an adobeman, Trish and Emil built their house and repaired the old boathouse, a relic from the days of the Russians.

Alan and Trish worked out the house design and floor plan, then Lee did the painting of her house, its floor plan, the boathouse. That's Emil having fun in his vintage mahogany Chris-Craft. Below is Trish's Grant Deed, issued by the Land Office.


Trish and Emil moved in just this June!