Thursday, December 26, 2019

Announcing The Hum

"The Hum" - a full-length older-young-adult magical-realism novel will be released at some point in 2020 or 2021... 

The Beatty Ruins are a frequent stopping point on the North Bight Path.

Twenty years before my story begins, archaeology student and practical witch-herbalist Roselle Beall discovered an ancient library in the Beatty Ruins (above) on New Island's northwestern coast. She and two other seniors found 88 books and 34 scrolls wonderfully preserved in a tomb-like room under an old tower by a vanished prehistoric civilization known simply as the Old People.

She managed to translate a certain thin book in the library, and found that the Old People knew themselves as the Kwanlin. She then learned, over years of research, that the book she translated is a scientific treatise on the physics of the Hum, a pleasant, often healing sound that Islanders have heard ever since their ancestors arrived in 1799. Roselle further learned that The Hum is where matter and energy intersect among the tiniest subatomic particles - the core of the world of quantum mechanics!

Then the book, that Roselle calls the Kwanlin Codex, told how to manipulate Hum energy...

In 1964, a fifteen-year-old named Gordon Broome has a strange and powerful dream that brings him to New Island. In shock over the possible self-inflicted loss of his mother, Gordy passes out in his bed, and suddenly finds himself on a raft. After a three-week bardo-dream trip from Southern California to the south Indian Ocean, he wakes up on a beach on New Island's southeastern coast, not far from the Russian naval base at Kronstadt.

He is immediately captured by a Soviet Navy shore patrol, interrogated as a possible spy for the Americans (this is in the midst of the Cold War) and put in a holding cell. Two civilian food service workers recognize that he can hear The Hum! They see Hum energy in his eyes, and then they get him out.

Thus begins the narrative - Gordy learns about Hum energy, about Love, and the people and culture of New Island.

More later...