Monday, May 15, 2023

The New Island Guidebook is now on Amazon

The Ministry of Trade formally announces the release of  The New Island Guidebook.

Since the second edition was printed in 2015, the island has seen some new dream-place projects, and  Islanders are beginning to experience the effects of climate change.  

The Third edition is now available on Amazon, which has done a superb job of printing this 205-page guidebook in full color. 

--Wainwright Stevens, Minister of Trade

Sunday, April 2, 2023

Third Edition of The New Island Guidebook to be released soon

The complete guide to New Island is undergoing a rewrite, and it will be published soon on Amazon. 

A layout for the third edition cover...

The 205-page Guidebook will cover the island's history, geography, culture and its various quirks. It will include more pictures and updates about a mysterious energy source the locals call The Hum, plus notes on how to claim a building site on the island.

I'll post again with a link to order the book on Amazon, either in a print or e-book format.