New Island Owners' Page

This is New Island's Community, that began in 2003.

Here are some examples of peoples' creativity...

1. Gil Rolling's old house, near Hutts, Northwestern Coast.

In the 1840s, an American ship's carpenter, Gil Rolling, was stranded here after an unfortunate incident with a Russian whaling ship. He was released, managed to find carpentry work in the Putney area, and eventually met Jane Fremont, a local Irish woman with two kids. They settled here, and had two more children of their own. Somewhere around 1860, Gil and Jane built this Nantucket-inspired shingle house on the dunes just above the beach. Their childrens' children still live here.

Location: 1/2 mile NW of Hutts, Section 7*                      *See below for Section Map

2. The Poloustrov Museum on Putney Bay.

Sophia St. Andrew runs the Poloustrov Museum, once the summer home of Sergei Poloustrov, the Russian Governor-General of the island in the early 1900s. Sophia is a descendant of the Poloustrov family and lives in her own private rooms in the back. Skegness is quite close to snow-capped Mt. Hayes, New Island's active (though sleeping) volcano...

Location: At the mouth of the Barysh River, near Skegness, Section 17. 

We marked it here on the Travel Map.

3. Sheila Rankin's house near Tuna point.

In the far western shore of the island, the landscape is low, sandy, and boasts miles of empty beaches. A few small settlements are nearby. Sheila wanted her own beach-house retreat, and comes out here on foot with a grocery/supply cart to stay a week or two at a time. There is no road access to this stretch of coast.

Location: Two miles N. of Oxbay on the Southwest Path, Section 21.

4.  Pinoak Vinyard,  in the Pinoak Hills 

A retiring financial wizard settled here some years ago, and is happily growing Riesling and Pinot Noir grapes. His Pinoak label has recently become popular all over New Island. He even imported his favorite old red pickup truck from the USA (at great expense) and doesn't mind the high taxes and gas prices to maintain such a vehicle here.

Location: 1 mi. N. of Highslope, on the River Karen, Southern New Island, Section 30

5. Travelin' Gal's Town House, Peagarden Park District, Putney 

Travelin' Gal (who actually lives in California) likes the coffee shops and cinemas in Putney, as well as the nearby beaches. She chose this lot (below) so she can take the streetcar into town or out to the beaches west of Putney. She wanted a contemporary house with lots of big windows and cheerful colors. The hired an architect (Lee) who came up with the design below.

Location: SE corner of Joplin and Rigby Streets, Peagarden Park, Putney, Section 12

Vacant lot with old walkway to a house that was never built.

A preliminary design sketch of Travelin' Gal's  house.

Travelin' Gal's house (from the rear)  under construction, showing part of Putney Bay.
The finished house at 1919 Joplin Street, being observed by a nosy neighbor.

Travelin' Gal's 1-acre lot is marked with the number 10 on this plat map.

The City of Putney insert on the travel map.

6. Thistledown Studio and Gallery, Wicklow Mountains.

Soltaire the Assembler  built this earth home in the Wicklow Mountain foothills overlooking Otter Bay. He wanted his studio, sales gallery and home for him and his goats to be all in the same structure. He enjoys the expansive view of Otter Bay, New Island's eastern coast, and the Indian Ocean from his patio.

Location: Gresl Ridge, 3 mi. S of Blum's Inn, Section 25

This large watercolor shows the floor plan and view.
The Wicklow Mtns. and the tiny village of Blum's Inn are in the background.

Soltaire's view to the north, and into the sunlight, here in the Southern Hemisphere.
A close-up of Soltaire's compound, with his goats on the roof.

The plan view showing the stone walls and brick-floored patios.

7. A round stoner tower-house on Petrel Bay, northwest coast

Adjacent to the humble but all-year-flowing Wonder River, Judy and Lyle's house-and-inn has been completed. It is situated along the North Bight Path, so it is easily accessed by hikers and wanderers passing through. Judy and Lyle's site is guaranteed by the deed below issued by the Commonwealth (me!).

The Yellow Hills Wandering Preserve is adjacent to Judy and Lyle's new round house.
Their deeded site enjoys both ocean and river frontage.

Concept sketch of their house - included in the package.

Judy and Lyle's site on New Island include the painting, the pencil sketch, 
the deed and the plat maps, all shown here. They chose this site from the New Island Guidebook and the road map.

A map of Section 2: Judy and Lyle picked their site on Plat 11,
which is marked in red on the plat map below. 
They are the first to claim a site on plat 11.
Others claims on this plat will be marked Site no.2, Site No. 3, etc.

Sections and Plats: To accurately describe a claim, each unique site is drawn on a plat map, similar to Plat 11, which is in Section 2. (see above). All the Section maps are included in the Guidebook to help one locate a building site. 

New Islands 34 Sections (like townships in the USA),
are further divided into approximately 100 Plats per section,
each of which is about two miles square.

More on the way!

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