Monday, February 22, 2016

65. Michelle (This is the last entry of the story of Alan, for now. Scroll back to Post no. 1 to begin.)

Like anywhere else, New Island sees its share of rough weather,
which may persist for days on the southern coasts.

Alan was speechless, and then he stuttered... 

"Michelle! How, um... Wow!"
"Well, I hope you're glad to see me."  
"Oh, yes...yes I am.  Come on in, I'll take your pack and your coat." He hung up her dripping coat on a hook by the door, and helped her take off a large backpack he didn't know she owned.

"Oh, you're pretty wet," he said. I have some dry clothes, or a robe if you want to change." 
"That would be nice."
Then he practically ran into his bedroom and put some some sweat pants and a flannel shirt on his bed. "The room is yours," he said, "I'll make some tea," and then just as briskly he went into his kitchen to heat up the kettle.

She came out a few minutes later, her wet hair combed back, and looking tired yet robust after being in the weather. 
"How are you feeling?" he said, as he stood in the kitchen doorway. 
"Tired, weary, and very glad I made it. I uh, hope I'm not disturbing anything..."
"Oh no, I've been sitting here for several days, really, waiting for this rain to let up so I can continue my sketching assignment. You're lucky I wasn't out there somewhere."

"Got a hug for me?" she asked. 
So they stood there for several minutes while the kettle began to shriek. 

"Here, let's sit, he finally said, and he poured the hot water into two large mugs. "I hope you like Scottish Breakfast..." 
"Oh, yes, anything is fine actually." Um, do you have anything to eat? I only had a snack on the train ride."  
"Oh, sure,, how about a couple of eggs and maybe pancakes? I'm getting hungry too.
"That'll do it," she said with a grin.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

64. Guess Who?

Alan worked on the drawing for the next six days, since the weather continued to be rainy and chilly for just as long! The gallery downstairs remained quiet - no sign of Adrian or his friend Joanna. At first Alan fretted at the lack of company, but then he realized he had gone on for hours, and eventually all day, without a thought about it. He was almost content in his isolation.

On that sixth day, a Thursday, a cat appeared at the door, wet and scrawny, meowing to be let in and fed. Alan was never one to turn away a cat, especially one so demanding, so he opened a can of tuna and dumped it onto a plate. The cat was voracious!

Alan sat and watched the cat, a rather handsome orange-striped tabby, patiently lick itself back into respectable shape. The cat looked up at Alan, then wandered off to Alan's bedroom, probably to sleep. I wonder where he came from? He looks like a 'he'; maybe I should name him 'Barney'.

Alan decided the drawing was finished for now and he signed it off. This one was larger than he had ever attempted before. It was nice of Adrian to have given him the large sheet of paper!

As Alan was thinking about making some supper, he heard the sound of feet thumping on his back stairs...someone was coming up - maybe the owner of the cat, he thought.

Just as the visitor began knocking on the door, Alan opened it. At first he couldn't tell who it was under the hooded rain coat, until she said brightly, "Guess who?"