Saturday, May 21, 2016

66. Spring in the Fall

Wild poppies and desert miandra blooming near Capricorn Point, on the northern coast.

Alan's spirits were much improved once the rains finally let up. There was so much rain that a few weeks later, wildflowers covered most of New Island, especially in the usually dry north. 

Alan's spirits were also much improved when Michelle showed up, on her own. They spent the rainy days hunkered down in his apartment, only venturing into Hazel for groceries and sometimes supper at Rudy's Place. They both had much to talk about - stuff that was in the recesses of their minds, but that, for whatever reason, they could not quite verbalize before. 
What did Michelle plan to do?, what did she need?
What did Alan really want, or need?  Does he want to hang out with Michelle? (Yes.) Should he continue with his 105-picture assignment? (Probably.) 
So what are they going to do? (We'll see.)


I'm taking over for a while while Alan figures things out. 

In the next several posts, I'll spotlight places on New Island that might be of interest - and tell a little about these places. (Every place has a story!)

Stay tuned!

Lee/Rusty Mothes


  1. Can you post a clear map of the island, also maybe list the settlements? Please!!! Thank you!!! :)

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