Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Soltaire Moves into his New House and Studio

Soltaire the Assembler's house in the Wicklow Mountains near Blum's Inn was completed in late June 2012. The goats are keeping the turf trimmed on the roof, when they can be convinced to stay up there. Soltaire has a fine view of the Indian Ocean to the east, and a pleasant climate at 1,200 feet elevation. 

Alan Faramond, New Island's self-appointed architect, designed
Soltaire's home, at right, and the studio-gallery, at left.
The village of Blum's Inn is seen in the lower right corner.
The twice-daily M25 Islebus is passing by the driveway, at left.

Here is Faramond's floor plan of Soltaire's house: 

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