Sunday, November 9, 2014

3. Getting There

Alan was blown away by the letter.

All he could think about was how could the drawing he sold in Michigan City, Indiana get in the hands of this secretary on a very obscure island in the Indian Ocean? What really seemed cosmic was that he dreamed the subject of the drawing - he had never been further west than his home town of Oceanside! The coastline, the house, the "cargo trike", and the winding road were nothing he had actually seen, at least not in this lifetime.

Alan has made drawings and watercolors from his dreams for many years; and now this one seems to be of a real place.

The woman, Margaret, also sent Alan a road map of the island, that had this little map on the cover...

So Alan realized he must travel from Michigan City, Indiana, USA (click this link) to New Island. 

Alan wrote back saying, "Send me the tickets, I can leave tomorrow!"

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