Sunday, April 26, 2015

27: The List

Alan opened the letter, which contained The List...

Dear Mr. Faramond,


We hope you find your accommodations adequate. Once you are settled, please review the following list. 

These are the places and events we need pictured for our tourist brochures and guidebook. We have marked the enclosed map to aid you in finding the locations. We would like to see the first 25 pictures by December 11. 

Good luck,


THE LIST (all pictures in color, please)

1. Hazelhurst Ruins
2. The Hooksands Nature Reserve
3. Capetown
4. Hoodoo Beach
5. Express train (at a station...?)
6. Vanessa I. from Lizard Pt.
7. Etc. 
105. Roger's Dreamland

"Oh my," thought Alan. "Why didn't they just give this to me back at their office? Maybe they didn't want me to see it and then try to back out and go back home! 

"Why do I always say yes to people when I really should ask to think it over? Whywhywhywhy?"

Then he decided he'd better get into Hazel and buy groceries!

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