Saturday, May 2, 2015

28: Getting Groceries

Alan tried not to panic about The List as he biked into Hazel. (Just breathe...) He needed to concentrate now on what to buy for supper and breakfast.

The List (continued)
7.  Womby or Lizard
8.  Tower Head ruins near Beastey
9.  Hobb's Wart
10. Orr Springs Sacred Site
12. Mt. Hayes with steam plume--seen on cold mornings
12. Skegness and Barysh River
13. The Poloustrov Mansion and Museum, Skegness
14. Red Bluff
15. Inishfael Island (S. of Putney)
16. Putney Harbor
17. Putney library from The Circle
18. Etc.

105. Roger's Dreamland

Within about five minutes he was in "downtown" Hazel! He soon observed that groceries in Hazel were to be had from three shops, all on the same block. A butcher shop displayed a severe sign that read "W. Randolph and Son, Butchery." Next door was the Ross Bay Produce shop, and a few doors down was a kind of convenience store called Maggie's that sold everything else. At the first two shops, Alan bought a steak for supper and bacon for later, then at the Ross Bay shop, some apples, oranges, and a big bunch of tiny reddish bananas. At Maggie's he bought sugar, salt, butter, milk, coffee, orange juice, eggs, oatmeal, some crackers, a bag of brown rice, a bottle of vodka and a packet of McVitie's digestive biscuits. He liked the look of the package - the picture said "cookies" clearly enough.

Adrian's bike had a large carry-all basket behind the seat, and another up front, so he had no problem carrying everything back - and he arrived just as Adrian stepped outside to lock up.

"Say, Adrian, thanks for the bike."

"Quite all right. And I trust I'll see you tomorrow, yes?"

"Um, okay, if we can meet early. I think I should go out first thing to try my hand at my assignment - there are 105 places on my list, and they want the first twenty-five in about two months! Those Hazelhurst ruins near here are item number one, so I guess I'll start there..." Alan's eyes showed a hint of panic.

"Ah, sounds logical. But why not linger a bit and we can have some coffee. In fact, I'll make breakfast here in the back room. I've watched those ruins for years, and the best light I've seen on them is in the afternoon, so you needn't run off at dawn! And Alan, take a deep breath or two - you'll do fine! Also, give me your list and I'll look it over and try to make an itinerary for you. I know where most of the 'scenic places' are, and you look like you could use a hand!"

Alan felt a warm kindness from this guy. He also sensed that Adrian might be hungering for company, since he didn't seem to have family around; at least he didn't speak of such.

"Okay, see you for coffee in the morning, and I'll bring down some eggs!"

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