Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Tower house to be built in the Yellow Hills

Client's concept of the house, sketched by the architect.
Stonemasons from Beaulah will camp out on the site and
build this tower in the upcoming weeks. 

Just north of the Yellow Hills Wandering Preserve on the island's northwest coast, Judy and Lyle, from Wisconsin, USA, will build their dream getaway place. They will occupy the top two floors, while the ground floor will be made available as a hostelry for travelers. The North Bight Path, which passes just to the right of the house in the picture above, is a popular trekking route!

Stone masons have been hired and are now collecting sandstone from a nearby hillside for the project. The site adjoins the Wonder River (visible in the foreground, above). This is a short all-year stream fed by generous springs a few miles inland. Water access is important since this site is at the edge of the Sheffield Desert. However, there is enough rain to sustain wild geraniums, poppies and ghost-gum trees in these hills. 

Here is where it is:

New Island is situated in the Indian Ocean west of Australia, but it can be challenging to find the place in reality.
See other posts to learn how to get here.


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