Sunday, June 26, 2016

Yellow Hills Tower House is Finished

The Yellow Hills Wandering Preserve is adjacent to Judy and Lyle's new round house.
Their deeded site enjoys both ocean and river frontage.

On Petrel Bay, next to the humble but all-year-flowing Wonder River, Judy and Lyle's house-and-inn has been completed. It is situated along the North Bight Path, so it is easily accessed by hikers and wanderers passing through. Judy and Lyle's site is guaranteed by the deed below issued by the Commonwealth (me!).

Building sites on New Island include a plat map, the deed above, and a painting of the owner's dream place. Owners may choose the location of their site using a map of the island.

A map of Section 2: Judy and Lyle picked their site on Plat 11,
which is marked in red on the plat map below. 
They are the first to claim a site on this plat.
Others claims on this plat will be marked Site no.2, Site No. 3, etc.

Anything is possible in one's imagination! 


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