Thursday, October 8, 2009

Welcome to New Island!

A view of New Island from 450 miles up!

Welcome to New Island and to the New Island website,
which will be in this format for the time being.
I'm inviting you to take part in an interactive journey.
I'm going to talk about this island-nation in the Indian Ocean as if it were a real place. There will be stories and articles about real and imagined New Islanders, and I'll continually add background information to let you know what the island is all about.
New Island is the world's largest work of art, a 12,000-square-mile island-nation made oup of paintings, drawings, maps, documents and artifacts. Like any other similar place, New Island has a history, a unique culture and geography, its own flag, currency, railways, roads, towns, and people both real and imagined!

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