Thursday, June 23, 2011

Julia's Paradise

On the beach at Julia's on a foggy morning.

On the Great East Coast Path just south of Bailey Beach lies Julia's Paradise. As you walk the Path, you'll almost miss the small sign by the path to her retreat. Once you walk in you'll find a virtual Paradise of tiny cabins and treehouses with ocean views, open hot pools, an inside bathhouse with steam rooms and sauna, a cold swimming pool, organic gardens and a beautiful lodge and resaurant.

Julia's cuisine and her magic cookies are known all over the island!

Which brings Julia to mind. She is a free spirit much into healing: a nutritionist and therapist. She'll set you up with the right food, massage (many disciplines), an exercise program, and even talk-therapy if you're really in need of someone. She takes clients for 3-day and one-week (or longer) stays at her gorgeous retreat, which is clothing optional, as is the beach out front.  For a reduced fee you can work in her gardens or on other projects...she is always fixing up her place!

If you go, ask Julia for the two-hour Heavenly Hands massage, then take in the baths, a vigorous swim in the ocean, and a nap. Then check out Julia's open kitchen and sample a cookie or two, or a glass of local riesling before supper. Ummmmmm.

For reservations, contact: Julia at Julia's Paradise, Bailey Beach Post, New Island.
Your mail might take a week to arrive, so plan ahead!



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