Saturday, June 2, 2012

Earth Home in the Wicklow Mountains

Wisconsin artist Soltaire the Assembler has begun construction of his new home in the Wicklow Mountains. He claimed five acres of land on the ridge named after a distant relative of his, and has selected the site below for his house.

The site has a stunning view of Otter Bay, Ignatz Island and the Eastern Coast.

The new studio-residence will be known as Thistledown Plot Atelier.

Mr. Soltaire has approved the concept and plan sketches, 
and construction will begin in the next week or so. He will also be constructing solar and wind -energy sculptures to provide heat and power.

Soltaire comments:

"Thistledown Plot looks dreamy...yummy...integral to Mother Earth...and "Bah" to conservatives who want to live in traditional houses.

They have their freedoms to live their lives happily under circumstances of their choosing...but must let others live out theirs in other happy ways.

New Island...I established for that purpose."

                                                                                               -- Soltaire, The Assembler