Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Meanwhile, Back at the Land Office

Alan was now busy drawing the plat map for New Island's most recent landowner, Trish de Beaupre. Here is the story:

Trish and Emil were looking for land and Trish spotted the Sumbitch Islands on the New Island map, and was amused by the unusual name. To see the islands up close, they took the Mail Schooner up from Putney on its weeky run. As the schooner threaded the narrow Fool's Passage, Trish spotted an old stone boathouse and pier, and she quickly asked if they could be put ashore for one hour. For a "docking fee" the skipper agreed.  While Emil poked around the crumbling boathouse, Trish hiked up the hill and found an ideal site for their new house!

East Sumbitch Island viewed from the mail schooner, which passes through the area once a week.

Trish then went to the Land Office back on the Main Island and met Alan, the clerk, mapper and sometime architect, who works there. Trish told him about her desire to claim land up on the Sumbitch Islands.
"Ah, that's an interesting place up there", Alan told her as he reached for the New Island Survey Book.  Alan then looked at the 34-Section Map, and found the Sumbitch Islands, up at the top, in Section 1:

He then went to Plat 2, up near the top of Section 1, which includes the Sumbitch Islands and North Cape:
Like all the 34 Sections, Section 1 is divided up into Plats which are about two miles by two miles wide. Each plat is drawn up whenever someone claims property on that plat. Since Trish is the first to claim land on Plat 2, Alan had to draw up the 2-mile-wide plat, in detail, below. Alan then marked the map to show the exact size and location (within a few feet) of Trish's land on East Sumbitch Island. Click on the map to see Alan's work in detail!

By the way, anyone who claims land on New island gets this same personal treatment!

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