Sunday, July 14, 2013

Trish de Beaupre Gets her Deed and House!


Once on her land, Trish decided she wanted a spacious house with a big kitchen and a large studio. With Alan's help, she found that the clay on East Sumbitch was suitable for adobe-making, and plenty of pencil-pine and oak trees grew nearby for roof beams and patio framework. The doors and windows came from the Sapphire Tribe, the best window-makers on New Island.

With the help of a carpenter and an adobeman, Trish and Emil built their house and repaired the old boathouse, a relic from the days of the Russians.

Alan and Trish worked out the house design and floor plan, then Lee did the painting of her house, its floor plan, the boathouse. That's Emil having fun in his vintage mahogany Chris-Craft. Below is Trish's Grant Deed, issued by the Land Office.


Trish and Emil moved in just this June!