Sunday, July 28, 2013

Winter Surf Arrives near Putney

While Trish and Emil were enjoying their new place on East Sumbitch Island, up north, a series of winter storms began generating rough surf off New Island's Putney suburbs. Everyone in the neighborhood turned out to watch huge swells roar past Putney Head, as the weather offshore began to change. The Maidstone CafĂ©, Putney's oldest coffee house, is usually busy this time of day, but is nearly cleared out. A local art collector, Oscar Rivvitz, seems unaware of the action.

During New Island's winter months, which are June, July, August (we're in the southern hemisphere, remember...) severe gales lash the South Indian Ocean at the higher latitudes known as the "Roaring 40s" and the "Screaming 50s". Most of this weather-energy reaches New Island in the form of impressive surf, especially along the Southwest Coast. When it's this big at Putney Head, it's really crazy at Brandonhead or Roaring Cape.

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