Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Letter from New Island

It was completely by chance that I found New Island, or, that it found me.

I had a hunch it existed, and roughly where, but there was no trace of it on any of my maps, or on GoogleEarth. Then I received a letter from the island's tourism department! (They still communicate with real mail...) It seems one of their employees had acquired a small drawing I had sold to an Australian resident, which then found its way to the island. Here is the letter:
Dear Mr. Mothes,
My name is Margaret Mullen, and I have come into possession of a drawing I believe you made. I am able to write to you because your name and address are on the back. The drawing is an exact rendering of my childhood home and my favorite old cargo trike. Were you there when I was a child? Have you ever been to New Island? Have you more drawings like this?
Please respond to my address where I work:
Attn: Margaret Mullen
Ministry of Trade, First Floor
15 Government Hill Mall
The Commonwealth of New Island 1005
 Yours Truly,

Enclosure: Copy of the drawing in question:

 An imaginary coastline I drew fourteen years ago that seems to be the
childhood home of Margaret Mullen.

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