Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Island in Pictures (more history later)

The Putney-to-Victoria express is captured here
by an observant surfer between Flatley and Swansea,
on the Putney Bay shore.
Volcanic Mt. Hayes is visible in the distance.

Wow, here we are at the Beatty ruins on the North Bight Path.
These are typical of the Old People ruins, consisting of
large stone blocks carefully cut and fitted.

Now we are approaching one of the lovely
beaches in the Yellow Hills Wandering Preserve,
about three miles south of the ruins.

This is Anita Bailey (we think) dancing
on the edge at 3,500 feet elevation,
near North Cape.

Here is the path to North Cape on a clear day.

These views of the island were painted by New Island artist Rusty Mothes.

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